City of Tamarac 2015 Redistricting Options

Principal Investigators: Jesse Saginor, PhD. & Asher Soldwedel
Sponsor: City of Tamarac, FL
Research Assistants: Conor Campobasso, Alexis Pena
Project Dates: November 16, 2015 – February 19, 2016



The City of Tamarac is moving from city commission districts which are based on registered voters to commission districts based on the total city population. The Visual Planning Technology Lab (VPT Lab) project team will create a current commission district analysis and provide the City with at least three new district options from which to choose from. These options will be discussed in a city commission meeting and then the city commission will vote on the winning district option. After two subsequent city commission readings, the winning option will become the City’s new commission district for the upcoming elections in 2016.